When We Ruled H-Town takes an objective but nostalgic look at a not-so-distant past when a spark of energy, a deep pool of creativity, and insatiable curiosity brought musicians, artists, fans, and an entire city together for a brief moment of greatness.

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Official Movie Poster

Official Movie Trailer

Hey punks,

The interviews are complete and we have put together the first official When We Ruled H-Town trailer. If you missed the preview last winter at the H-Town showcase check out the trailer, to hold you over to the premier in early 2012. Please post this on your facebook page, email it to your friends, spam your grandmother with it, we don’t care just get the word  out! Let the world know how hard Houston rocked in the 90’s!

We also have a page on the site for submissions. We are trying to collect as many pics, flyers, ads, ticket stubs, t-shirt art, stickers, press kits your stories and memories whatever you want to share with this us. We will use what we can in the movie or on the site. Please go to the contribute tab and upload away.

Thanks for your continued support and look for updates on the site and our facebook page.

When We Ruled H-Town Official Movie Trailer


Welcome to the official site of the When We Ruled H-Town documentary.